29 April 2017

Metter radici fra le vette temperate

Metter radici

Fra le vette temperate 

Serie di serigrafie sviluppate per l'inaugurazione di Matrici aperte, progetto indipendente di stampa d'arte e autoproduzioni

15 September 2016

L'universo molecolare di una lacrima

L'universo molecolare di una lacrima (A tear's molecular universe)
Le donne che piangevano sul lago (The women who cried by the lake)

1 May 2016

La scalata

La scalata è vedersi paesaggio

La scalata si comincia sempre
da soli
e da dentro 

(See more drawings from this series here)

21 April 2016

25 March 2016

Playing with patterns

That is: "Le mani di Ca' Pretor" ("Ca' Pretor's Hands). 

  I drew these hands last summer in Ca' Pretor, a rustic and very much loved chalet on the Italian Alps. They are the hands of the participants at a drawing workshop that was held there. It was such a pleasure to observe these busy hands surrounded by my beloved mountains, and to hold with me their gentle gestures up till now - and beyond. I would like to have this pattern on a magic dress that can tickle, touch, caress, comfort and gently pinch throughout the perils, standstills and excitements of creative times.

18 March 2016

Mi portavano nella gerla

 'Mi portavano nella gerla' - 'They carried me in the pannier'
A self-portrait for Fondazione Pinac
19th - 26th March 2016


29 February 2016

La donna montagna

La donna montagna - The Mountain Woman 
 @ CueB Gallery - London SE4 2QZ
4th March - 8th April 2016

2 October 2015

Cappuccetto e il lupo. Variazioni sul tema.

Quattro trittici in mostra fino al 15 novembre alla Galleria dell'Incisione

(Beautiful Antonia setting up my work at Galleria dell'Incisione)

4 May 2015

Pushing the Envelope

The work investigates postal pigeons as a bygone mode of communication. Postal pigeons were used for centuries to delivery messages, often across perilous areas such as war zones and sieges. The drawing of a dead pigeon is associated to a sentence found on a gravestone in a cemetery in London; the combination of the two highlights the affective potential of old-fashioned, pre-digital means of communication. 

The exhibition will be open from 6th to 16th May 2015. How to get there.  

17 November 2014

Yet Another Narrative

Yet Another Narrative is an audio-visual tour of the Foundling Museum in London.

The work questions the seemingly objective, authoritative voice of some audio tours by weaving into the narrative a subjective, intimate voice. The interaction between on-screen images on the handheld digital device and the museum space creates yet another narrative that critically engages with the collection. This video presents a preview of the project.

Download from Vimeo or iTunes the complete tour on your mobile device and visit the Foundling Museum. The tour begins in the museum's entrance hall, just after the information desk and bookshop. Contact me for any further details.